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If you are here to submit a skateboarding video you might be in the wrong place but we will accept your YouTube, Instagram and other embeddable video media here. Just follow these four simple rules:

  1. Post Only Skateboard Related Content. (Not Optional).
  2. Do Not Shit Talk Other People Merchandise or Brands. (Not Optional)
  3. Always tag or write the trick and credit(s) to yourself, person(s) you are posting for and organization(s) or brand(s) the content represent. (Not Optional).
  4. Tag or write skatepark, skate spot or just the general location. (Optional).

(Example: Skatespot in City, Providence, Canada).

(Example: Skatespot in City, State, USA).

You can submit skateboarding videos to our content submission page!

Random Opportunities.

We will add your post(s) to our weekly email and social media posts. You can link your social media post(s) or website content and get more views, likes and keywords to gain more attention in the skateboarding community.


Keep Skatin! 🤘 (Not Optional)

Messages can be sent to us at shop@ubaleskateboardcompany.com or to:
Ubale Skateboard Company.
34 - 2430 Wilson Ave.
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 1Z6.