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Ubale Skateboard Co is currently looking for active streetwear and skateboard bloggers to join our community.

If you are a social media savvy journalist and you are passionate about action sports like skateboarding and/or snowboarding and you want to help a small brand fight the corporate giants in the ever growing active sports industry, this is the opportunity for you!

Ubale Skateboard Co has multiple blogs that offers Adsense, category/topic posting, metatags and a user follower system so every post is perfectly customizable and seen by your very own fanbase.

We are looking for a skateboard & streetwear blogger to write compelling articles about skateboarding events and skateboarding brands for our blog and websites we own.

Our website uses a tagging system that puts articles in categories so your articles can be found easier by our fanbase. This system automatically links any articles that include the same tag making it easier to link your previously written content.


You will be able to send in MS Word files by email and write comfortablely from wherever you are or become a partner and write straight to the website.

Bloggers will be paid with Adsense money based on the amount of work they do and views they get.


  • Write SEO friendly articles about skateboarding with easily translatable terms.
  • Embed related content.
  • Link pages.
  • Schedule articles.
  • Share the sign up to our email list.
  • Share your work on Social Media.
  • Cross reference your work and others.
  • Review products, clothing & media.
  • Read Emails.
  • Personal selling / Sell as a individual. (Sales Position Only.)

What we can offer you!

  • Encrypted protection from online plagiarism.
  • 2 Backlinks and up to 1,000 keywords a month for your website/blog/social media.
  • New Followers.
  • Webmaster Delegation. (Google, Bing & Yandex.)
  • Social Media Coverage. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & More)
  • A Email Address.
  • Highlights In Our Weekly Email Blast.
  • Adsense Money $100 - $1,000 Monthly.
  • A point of sales device. (Sales Position Only.)
  • Sales partners will make 10% backend from every item sold by them. (Sales Position Only.)

We currently own the following website.

  1. (Adsense)
  2. (Working on Adsense)
  3. (No Adsense)
  4. (No Adsense)
  5. (Adsense)
  6. (Adsense)
  7. (Adsense)
  8. (Adsense)
  9. (Coming Soon!)
  10. (Coming Soon!)
  11. (Adsense)
  12. (Adsense)
  13. https:// (Working on Adsense)
  14. and our Google Places Websites. (No Adsense)  
Contact us with a link to a blog you have worked on or a written resume to our email address or mail it to:
Ubale Skateboard Company.
34 - 2430 Wilson Ave.
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 1Z6.